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We turn your ideas into realities

Building a house is a combination of several factors such as personality, design, taste and functionality. It can be an overwhelming process, requiring multiple decisions, research, commitments and sacrifices to achieve your lifelong dream of having your perfect home.  Even the smallest home improvements can become a real challenge when they are poorly managed.  Therefore, at Solo Construction Company making the building process simpler, efficient, pleasant and within budget are only part of our objectives when we work for you.

Solo Construction Company was established in East Hampton in 2000, as a small company working in residential construction projects where every carpenter was involved in all tasks, from demolition to finished the entire structure. This practice with a high level of skilled workmanship and knowledge of all aspects of construction has remained with us until today. We work through the whole sequence of the construction on project after project with precisely the kind of invaluable experience we have gained, because building, developing and supervising all phases of a residential project from beginning to end, from the simplest to the most complex, has given us the vision, responsibility, commitment and satisfaction to assure you that the whole project goes hand in hand.

The construction industry is very competitive but we are confident at Solo Construction Company that if we offer the best personalized experience with customized plans, along with our professionalism, efficiency, organizational skills, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service we will be well compensated when you don't hesitate to choose us over the competition to Turn Your Ideas into Realities.